10 reasons to trust UK Instant Shelters

  1. Experience – During our many years in the business, we have learned from the best and improved our products wherever possible.
  2. Value – We offer consistently good prices for our top-quality, UK made shelters, products that last, unlike similarly priced cheap imitations from abroad.
  3. Graphic design – Local groups, fundraisers and famous household names benefit from our in house branding facilities.
  4. Speed – If required we can make a complete custom canopy with sides in 2 days.
  5. Bespoke – Whatever you want, we will make it, provided it is within the realms of possibility.
  6. Marketing – We can create a stunning looking, branded shelter for your product or service that will help you get noticed.
  7. UK based – Talk to an experienced professional, based in the United Kingdom, who can answer all of your questions.
  8. Customer Service – We are friendly, helpful and offer excellent customer service, including a next day spare parts service.
  9. Quality – Our competitors sell pop-up shelters or marquees made from between 200-350 denier gauge fabric. UK Instant Shelters only ever use 500d.
  10. Flexibility – As well being great stand-alone pieces, our shelters and their associated parts are compatible with many other shelters and marquees on the market, so you can integrate your existing shelters with your newly purchased bespoke UK Instant Shelter.