Which features make your canopies stand out from other available brands?

A) Our products are totally customisable, from a simple logo to a fully printed shelter.

B) All UK Instant Shelters’ tops are FIRE RATED, a legal requirement.

C) Powder coated frame components resist scratching and finished in silk white.

D) Instant Popup Shelters’ frames are made of premium steel for extra strength and durability.

E) Our height-adjustable peak pole allows users to tighten up their tops to ensure a perfect fit.

F) Our use of extruded, rather than seam-welded, rolled steel in the truss bars allows for stronger frames that weigh less than conventional designs.

G) For unbeatable flexibility and peace of mind, all of our components can be easily replaced with a commonly available Allen key.

How does a Instant Popup Shelters compare in price and quality with other available brands?

Our products include a stronger, lighter canopy which is easier to erect. We believe that Instant Popup Shelters’ Canopies represent the very best value available.

What size frames are available?

Frame sizes may vary within the different types of frames available, but the standard sizes are measured in feet:

  • 5 x 5
  • 8 x 8
  • 10 x 10
  • 8 x 12
  • 10 x 15
  • 20 x 20

How heavy are UK Instant Shelter’s Canopies?

The weight of our product range varies from between 28 kilograms to 55 Kilograms.

What are UK Instant Shelter’s tops and walls made of and are they water & fire resistant?

UK Instant Shelters’ tops are made with heavy duty, reinforced polyester fabric, which is not only fire retardant but water resistant and UV treated too.

Can Canopy tops be washed?

Yes. By using a mild detergent and a soft brush you can quickly and safely rinse down your Instant Popup Shelters.

Can Instant Popup Shelters Canopies handle wind and rain?

Yes, absolutely. UK Instant Shelters’ products are manufactured especially to withstand the elements, providing effective and reliable relief.

Which colours are available for the tops walls?

Any colour. Yes, literally any colour!

I’d like to put my company logo on my canopy top. Is this possible?

Yes, we have a state of the art digital printer that enables us to customise our products in any way our customers can imagine. To discuss a custom canopy, please use our contact page to get in touch.